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Welcome to BTE Germany

We're building Germany 1:1 in Minecraft

What we're doing

At Build the Earth Germany we're doing exactly, what our name says: We're building the world – 1:1 in the computer-game "Minecraft".

With nearly 800 builders and over 16.500 members on our Discord Server, we're one of the largest Regional Build Teams in the international Build the Earth project.

Our Discord-Server

We use Discord to organize our Build Team.
Join the over 16.500 members other members on our Discord, to help us build Germany 1:1 in Minecraft!


Send in pictures in the #🏰building-showcase channel on our Discord server


Get the current news about Build the Earth Germany


The Staff Team

Meet the persons behind the BTE Germany buildteam and server


With donations you can support our work and the buildteam